Monday, March 2, 2009

Things I´ve realized in the last couple of days: when you want small children to not come in your house without asking permission, growl at them; popcorn brings people together; when the principal of your school is anti-progress, go around him; I need to make more friends; it´s okay to yell at my students if they are being little jerks; when sick, go to bed for at least 4 hours until it goes away; stay away from poisonous people (even if its their birthday); its not okay to eat ice cream every day (but its delicious); Rab gives good advice; buying purple and blue chicks can always make one smile; I need to travel more; I need to be more choosy with my men choices; wearing a hat makes me feel invisible (in a good way); Bebes is crazy; never refuse beans when they are free; my place to go relax and not think about anything work related are the ruins.

One last thing, my students are hilarious. They are big pains in the butt but I love them anyway.

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