Sunday, May 9, 2010

una carta a mi misma

I'm sitting here grading homework. Que raro! Not. Today is a chill Sunday afternoon. Profe is in the other room taking a nap. He's having troubles with his momma so he's hanging with me all day today. So this homework I'm grading. It's a letter to myself for the self-esteem unit. Some students completely understood the assignment while others started inviting themselves to go on some outing...Hmm. Some of these students are writing to themselves and saying how great they are, totally humble, the most beautiful human being, completely intelligent. I'm like, really? Either you do have some great autoestima or you are still very naive. So if I had to write a letter to myself, I'd prob say something like this.

Dear Anna,

I smell trouble in the air. Or is that just the sweet, intense smell of change. Thinking about leaving has me feeling like at any moment, I could start crying. Like a few weeks ago when I was pissed at the director of my schools and had a small fight with Profe, and had to turn in a report, I start talking to the janitor and he says, we're really going to miss you. I'm not one to kiss ass but you have been an important person for us for the time that you have been here. The tears started to stream down my face. I had gone back and forth about extending for another year but decided that I couldn't decide with peace in my heart so maybe it wasn't meant to be. There are many factors. Ya tu sabes. But I can't really verbalize them very intellectually right now. Every since I got to Guatemala. I shake my fist at you, Guate, for fucking with my English but making me a much better person.

the coolest person you know

That's how my letter would write. It wouldn't make sense. I'd jump from one idea to the next without the greatest transition and then I'd be done.

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