Friday, April 17, 2009

I´m kind of drawing a blank. I haven´t updated in awhile. I just got done giving a taller on VIH. I was freaked out that it wasn´t going to go well but I think it went well. The teachers least favorite part was the condom demonstration. Pero no se puede complacerlos a todos, verdad? I haven´t really been teaching, teaching in the past couple of weeks because of conferences, meetings, bimester exams, special activities, etc. My kids told me yesterday that they missed me. There´s this one student, Levi, who whenever he seems me, shouts ¨Señoooooooo¨so damn enthusiastically. It makes me feel good, what can I say. And then there´s these two really shy girls at my other school that when they see me, their eyes seem to light up and they run to give me a somewhat slobbery kiss on the cheek. Is this my imagination making me think that I am cherished (in the words of Rab) more than I really am? Saber. This week I didn´t teach at one school because of a security meeting and a taller and having to turn in grades at another school so I left them homework. They had to use some really random words to create a story. Some of the words included: cucharacha, yegua (one of my personal favorites in Spanish), Tortrix (guatemalan Fritos), regocijo, canica, chapin (nickname for guatemalan), amigo del alma and chipichipi. GREAT words, if you ask me. So I´m very excited to read these stories. I told them whoever had the best story would get a prize but Im not sure what to give them. A nice set of pens or maybe make a little book out of it and have it published. If you guys have any ideas, pass them along. Another thing that Im starting is a school newsletter/newspaper with the student council. I had told Roy about this when he came here. I got the idea from the Health Center at NCC. Everytime I´d go to the bathroom, I´d read those darn papers taped to the bathroom stall doors. So...they won´t be entirely based on health related things although it is very important for these kids specifically (many don´t eat breakfast; just like in the US right? But it takes a bigger toll on youth here. We have way more vitamin-packed food in the states). But anyway, other stuff that will be in this newsletter include vocabulary words (in Spanish, many say they want to ampliar their vocabulario), English phrases, world news, trivia, and student work (stories, drawings, poems, etc.). I´m really excited. And lastly I have to get my butt in gear for all the teacher trainings I have to give and parent trainings. I´m also going to have English study dates with two of my teachers that are clearly dating. They said theyd make me pizza. Can´t turn down that offer. And...I need some paint to make some murals. Oh and I printed off a bunch of good, motivational quotes that I am going to stick up in my classrooms.

All good things. Only really bad thing that has happened to me lately is that I am poor, again and that the babarua (Aunt Cruz´s postre) didnt turn out well.

Love u so much. Besitos!

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