Thursday, April 2, 2009

Señorita Deportes

I´m hot and sweaty. I just judged a 4 hour beauty pageant at an institute there was potential for me to work at. Alas, I am at my two lovely schools. Rewind to this morning. Crap! I didn´t finish grading for my 300 kids. But I didn´t stress. I played soccer with the teachers team instead. My friend/school´s account and I got there late, by then the teachers were losing 10 to 0. My goodness...We got there too late. But we played against some little Primero girls and beat them 2-1. Pathetic. But very fun. My face was red, red, red. Probably because I haven´t done real exercise in ages. Actually, not true. I did 20 squats in my room last night while Bebes watch me with a confused look on his face. So after this mañana deportiva I ran my ass to the Teatro Municipal to judge this beauty pageant. It was cool. There was a little bit of slutty and inappropriate dancing. Some bad answers to good questions. And there was this one girl, extremely shy, wouldn´t smile, couldn´t walk that went off talking about women´s rights. I was like, YEAH! That´s right. She didn´t win. But she will always have a special place in my heart. Who did win? This cute girl that smiled the whole time. I could not go up there with a bathing suit on as 300 male peers looked on. More power to you, ladies. I know I´m rambling and don´t make sense. Last thoughts...tell me why the two former beauty queens that were part of the judging panel refused to go up and present the winners and make a little speech, but me, señorita gringa from the Chicagoland, had her big booty all up on the stage like no ones business, cracking jokes, speaking in English and dancing. Huh? Tell me what that´s all about.

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