Monday, May 4, 2009

early may

I´m tired. I gave a surprise quiz to my 2o English class. As soon as I said, take out a blank sheet of paper, they were freaking out. It wasn´t hard but their spelling is horrible in English (Spanish too). I think the other 2o which Im not teaching is way ahead of us. But I really want my students to at least get the basics really well. I know they learned numbers and days of the week last year but they couldnt say them this year.

In other school news, I´m still giving the communication charlas. They are going really well. A little too good? Today in class we were talking about assertive communication and then I started talking about the Golden Rule (la regla dorada as I called and then about karma. I was thinking about Alicia Keys the whole time and her getting down in the subway station with the drums. Hahaha. But whatever, it went well. My 3o students...different story. I wanted to send them to the principal´s office so badly last week. There is this lack of confianza in me on the girl´s behalf and then the boys just want to be funny. We were talking about their goals, triumphs, low points and now are talking about life as a journey. And you can´t go on a long important journey without proper ID. So we are going to start talking about identity and self'esteem then go into decision making then all the good stuff like drugs, sex, violence, etc. I think I am going to read The Alchemist with them but I have to do it so as not to take too much time from the regular charlas. We´ll see.

Non-school happenings. My friend, Jane, came out to Huehue and we went dancing with my friend, Profe, and a bunch of his cousins. It was really fun. Surprisingly fun. I was getting down. Nothing unusual. Ooooh, I also went to a baby shower in my community. First one I´ve been to. I picked up a few game ideas for when I have to plan Rabs. You guys have to hold off a little longer to start having bebes.

That´s all for now. I´m tired. Need to take a nap and then continue working.

Love you all.

PS, someone´s bday is coming up.

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Oba Ish said...

sounds like YIC or probably more like a psychologist found program