Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Random smallness going through my mind. Zipping in and out.

Mwere. Me voy a ir. Said really fast by my primero students. They think its hilarious that me voy a ir sounds like were. So when they see me they either shout mwere or good morning.

My brain is bouncing up and down fro m that ride up and down that hill. Mountain, really.

I´m still thinking about that tiger riding that horse.

Bebes is so cute. I cut his hair so hes got all these bald spots by his belly because I suck. He looks like a little lamb. A little black sheep. Speaking of, there were so many lambs on that mountain today, all I could think about is that Mediterranean place that Chris and I would go to in Chicago.

Pollo Campero has good coffee.

May was or has been a freakeashly good month. June, dont fail me. You gotta be even better than May. Still...F U February for sucking so much. How could you when two great people were born that month? Phil and Michael Jordan. Ok, so Jordan is a douche cus he cheated on his wife. One amazing person was born this month.

I got new books to read. Thanks, Maggie.

Send me books, people. I need books.

Send me face paint. And board games.

I was missing good food so badly yesterday. Profe Juan and I were talking about what we´d have as our last meal. I listed cheese empanadas, sushi, 31st and canal burgers and a thai iced tea.

I went up to El Mirador for the one billionth time.

I missed my students today. Why do I love the instituto that is way more messed up.

I need to wash my dishes and clean my house.

The neighbor that died in the states was finally brought back after over three weeks for his burial. My goodness.

No protests YET this week. Hoooray. All quiet on the western front!

Art Club starts tomorrow????

I love you guys.

My birthday is coming up!!!

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