Sunday, June 14, 2009

Classes Cancelled

I think I was the first snitch in Guatemala to find out that they were going to cancel classes. I felt it coming over a month ago. The rumors, indirect and general comments from directors, teachers and the radio. Because it wasn't enough to have at least one day off each week for protests, emergency meetings, workshops and influenza scare. May was good, despite all those cancellations. Students were behaving well. Activities were realizadas. I was able to get some things done despite my directors. When talking to Maggie, another Youth Development volunteer and my licuado drinking partner, and I'm complaining about one of my directors she'll say, "The lazy? Or the crazy?" Generally, I'm complaining about the Crazy. But I don't want to pass on the grief that the man gives me every time I see him. Every so often he mentions that during the 90s he worked for the Naciones Unidas in the Cuchumatanes. Is that supposed to impress me? Well actually, in general, it does impress me if I didn't know how he is. I find it very hard to believe that he contributed to anything productive in any of the projects they did. Ok, enough shit talking. May, thank you for bringing me up.

June, bring peace to this heart and creativity and stability to this brain of mine. I have two weeks to put them both to work so that July will be even better than May. Almost every day during the rest of June, my friend, Edna, and I are going to go walking at six in the morning, because we are cool like that. Edna is cool. Her name makes me think of an old lady but she's only 26. She's married with three small children. She's a good mom. She's got good ideas and gives me good advice. She's very sensitive just like Rab so she kind of reminds me of you. Same age too. Her birthday is in July.

So that is June. Our feria is cancelled for July. Sad. It actually wouldn't have mattered much as I was going to be home during that time anyway but now, seems like I am going home in August. I'm thinking, should I just wait and go home for Christmas. What do you guys say?

I love you guys.

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