Sunday, June 7, 2009

Poastie Toastie

For Potato.
Whats all going on?

I shouldn´t but I am counting down the days until I come home. I was talking to my friend about the strange, strange feeling of getting on a plane in one place and entering into something entirely new. Im looking forward to that weirdness. I will probably only go home for two weeks. I do not have sufficient days to be galavanting in los estados divididos. As much as Id like to stay for a month or more. Impossible. The midyear vacation for the public schools is supposed to be the week after my birthday, which also coincides with the Dia del Maestro; however, they haven´t announced anything. Everything is rumos here. Rumors floating through the air, circiling into peoples´ ears and out of peoples´mouths. This same friend and I went walking yesterday in the morning. She´s been living in our little town for at least 6 years but she still hasn´t been through all the paths that have been dug from the edge of the highway. This makes me feel better. I´ve explored more than her. But she has three kids so maybe I shouldn´t feel so great. Don´t listen to what anyone has to say here, about other people anyway. She told me that some guy had her that I was dating the director of one of my schools. I couldn´t stop laughing. I must have looked foolish walking down the highway saying, ¨En serio?¨while laughing and slapping my knee. Precisely she said. You can´t believe these people she said. Oh, and the 40 year old man that kept harrasing me so that he could let me borrow a book on the ladino slave or some shit like that, apparently broke his father´s feet so that he would stop drinking because he was an alcoholic. Way to support. Shudder.

Another good anecdote for you. There is a chofer in my town who all the girls have a crush on. I admit, me too. Or I had at least. A few weeks back he fled to Guate because someone got on his bus and told him that if he drove to the next stop that he wouldn´t live. Dramatic huh? He comes back a week or two later. What happen, baby? I thought you got a death threat. So this is what went down. Prepare to be amazed by the creativity of those who surround me. So one day the chofer decides hes going to use the bathroom while on his shift. By the last parada there is a parqueo where people sell, chips, arracheras, en fin, bastantes cosas. He goes to use the bathroom in the parqueo but the bathroom didnt flush so he went to ask the girl (teenager or maybe around my age) if she could get him a bucket or bowl to throw water to make it all go away. She says sure just wait right here. She takes a long time, in the time he waits, the owner of the parqueo, father of the girl comes up. He says I need a palangana to flush the toilet. Man´s like, sure, they go towards the bathroom but the door on the bathroom is somehow locked. They open the door and his daughter is in there, naked. Man starts yelling at the chofer saying that he was going to take advantage of her and blah blah blah and if he didnt give him 10,000 Q he was going to kill him. He freaks out and goes to Guate only to soon find out that this owner of the parqueo has done the exact same thing with at least one other chofer. How the hell did he devise something so freaking weird and distasteful to ¨earn¨money?

That is all.

I love you guys. I am making a list of all the stuff I want to eat when I get home. Be prepared.

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