Thursday, October 9, 2008

hey canchita, hey canchita

This is my homeboy, Pablito. Actually we have more of a love-hate relationship. He comes into my room when Im home and not home and takes my stuff. He cries every fifteen minutes (not lying at all) and gets super angry if I sit in his chair (which changes every week). Hes a darling, this one is. If you look closely you can see he has a mustache. No, he hasnt hit p├║berty at the age of 2. That is a frijol mustache. Hilarious. And there I am smiling through it all. Today though he decided that he was going to ride his little yellow big wheel and that I should ride the familys dog, Floatey (who has been eating all my dogs food and snapping at him when he wants to play). I will prob be moving into my new crib in November. Its brick...oooh, fancy and they have a built-in bbq pit on the roof. Fruit trees. And well-behaved children most importantly.

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Roy said...

It's something that amazes me, how people can be so different, but yet so similar (especially kids and their behavior) around the world.