Saturday, October 18, 2008

Moved in

So I am finally moved in to my new house. Everythings pretty good. My own space. Space for Son to run around and poop. Cleanliness to my satisfaction. Only one problem. I think this family thinks I am going to get them a visa. They straight-up said that maybe your parents can send us an invitation to go the US. I ackwardly responded that theyd have to get in line because all of my moms side of the family was still in Chile. Now, I have no problem with helping people get visas (though the likelihood of me doing it and it even working is very slim), I dont like barely meeting someone and being asked for that. In fact, the father of the house told the lady I used to live with that you had to treat these kind of people (gringos) the right way because you never know when they could help you out... Tis life. Aside from that, alls good in the new hood. Yesterday I ate tangerines, oranges and misperos from my backyard, played with this giant cat named Muñeco, helped the 13 yr old with math and went to see a soccer game. Today I cleaned up, washed clothes, took a shower with running water (not a bucket bath!), and ate a rooster for lunch (only his leg, not the whole thing).

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Roy said...

oh no, poor gallo. I think we could get caribou on the day of possibly.