Thursday, October 30, 2008

Clausura de 3o SL

Today started off with Jellyto peeing on my floor. Typical morning. I gave him his food but he wanted my human food (oatmeal chocolate chip cookie). I listened to my Keyshia Cole CD, as I do almost every morning. Gotta start the morning out right, singing about how your ex did you wrong. Crazy, Keyshia Cole. Then I ran my behind to the Institute because I had to print off a bunch of documents to give to my teachers, basically a overview of what the Youth Development Proyect is (in writing) because some still dont get it, but Im sure by January most of them will be set to go. But anyway, finally made about 400 copies and ran to the bus stop only to find out that the Vuelta Ciclista was still going on and no buses were passing by. WHAT? I have a graduation to go to. Waited, waited, and waited some more. Just when I was about done waiting, the bus came. Got off and waited for the next bus (for about 45 minutes). Should I walk, should I not walk? I have heels on. I will be harassed by men the whole way there. So I waited and finally the bus came. Got there and the graduation still hadnt started. I think it started 2 hours late. Thats a good thing about events in Guatemala. You can count on them being late. So when youre late, its all good and very acceptable. So the shindig started and all my 3o babies were looking super cute in their uniforms, they got their diplomas and some of the mamas got emotional. So did some of the students. I was really taken back by one boy he got really choked up and made me start crying. It was really special for them because these kids come from familias de escasos recursos, many from single-parent homes so its been extremely difficult journey for some of them. I was so proud of them. Unfortunately, only about half of the class graduated. Hopefully we can change that next year. After the graduation, we had lunch (Pollo Campero) and the choir sang and a girl danced for us all. It was very nice. Pictures to be posted soon. Love u guys.

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Roy said...

IT's good that you made it, I bet those kids were happy to have you there.