Monday, November 3, 2008

Blogspot is a rogue

I've been trying to post my clausura (graduation) pictures several ways and days now and no luck. What the hell does javascript void mean? Someone explain please. So its about 5:30am here and I'm up with my friend, another volunteer because last night was too damn cold. I spoke to my friend on the phone for about an hour, after coming back from getting Thai food, took a shower then tried going to sleep. But it is/was quite impossible. One, it is freezing in this place. There are a million windows, just like at Perla's house. There aren't enough blankets. And I'm sleeping on a couch that I am way too big for (even though I've lost 20 pounds...oh shit!) Numbero dos, my comrades (or maybe I should call them uno de los mios as my Guatemalan friends tell me to say when I see another American walking around Huehue, mainly Mormons)...the birds outside are insanely gossiping about me, or who knows what? They are mad snitching though because they have been comadriando the whole night. Don't they know that O-town has been telling me that I've been looking rough lately and need to fix myself up or no man will love me? I need my beauty sleep! Don't they get the same pep talk from their mama birds? Any who, today we all have informal presentations on the NEEDS, LOCAL RESOURCES, LESSONS LEARNED/SUCCESSFUL EXPERIENCES, and ACTIVITIES FOR 2009. This should be interesting. Then I'm hopefully going to go visit my host family for an hour or two. That is today but going back to last night. So my friend and I were walking, went to buy shampoo from a little tienda and decided since we were done we'd keep going and get something to drink or eat since we hadn't had dinner. We ended up at this Thai place with good Pad Thai but horrible Thai Iced Teas. It was about 19Q which is almost three dollars. It was basically a lot of milk with a few drops of peach flavoring. I was thinking, can I complain and return this or am I being culturally insensitive? I wasn't going to pay three dollars for something that tasted nothing like the goodness of a Thai Iced Tea, so I asked the girl, is this REALLY a Thai Iced Tea.?"Uh, yes, we, uh, mix it with a little bit of this and that." "BULLSHIT LADY! I know what a Thai Iced Tea tastes like." Ok, those words were never exchanged except for the initial question. I was going to take it and sadly sip on my milk in the corner but decided nah. I took it back and got something else. That, my friends, is what we call being assertive.

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