Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Feels slightly strange being back. Specially yesterday when I saw a bunch of people from town that I am kind of close with. Complete social awkwardness. Slight language barrier. Road blocks of different understandings. And also small talk. But today I feel better. Took the bus into town and everything feels good. I found out that the three classrooms that were going to be built at one of my Institutos are going to be used for more students unfortunately. Its great that they are sending more students our way because the majority of the teachers are pretty great here. A lot us were hoping that we could use those classrooms for special purposes, like a library or a Home Ec class. The walls are up though. And the schools being painted a bright yellow color. Next week is a camp at one of my schools. Im excited about it but feel no way prepared. Hard work the next couple of days. My host brother, Cristian, and I will be working away. More random thoughts... I made Mac and Cheese today over an open flame and it was amazing. I also made some black beans in a clay pot, took a nap with Jellyto, took a cold shower because the electricity went out and cleaned my house . I miss you guys.

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