Monday, December 1, 2008

En Paz/Capaz

Today kicked off camp at one of my schools. I really wasnt sure what the expect, how many kids would come, if theyd like it. En fin, all that other stuff of self-doubt and assumptions. The camp was set to go one way a few months ago but in this last week, I completely changed it, focusing on Children´s Rights around the world. Stressing to them that they have rights as members of their society and citizens of their country and the world, conditions that must be met in order for them to have happy, healthy lives; they, in turn, must respect the human rights of others. Lovely UN stuff. I dont know what made me change but Im glad I did. Today went well. We had some get-to-know you activities, a grafiti wall, read a fairy tale about human rights, and had aserious geography lesson. Did you know that Venezuela was in Asia? Yeah, Im talking serious. I thought the inner city was bad. Anyway, in the next couple of days we will be celebrating Children´s Rights, via watching movies (hopefully even though my CTA let me down with the projector), playing games, and doing art (making Christmas cards for a local orphanage and one of our students that is very sick). I will post more stories and pictures soon. Love you.

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