Tuesday, December 23, 2008


This Sunday the family I live with invited me to Zaculeu, or Las Ruinas, the principal ceremonial site for the Mam at one time. It was nice getting out of my town, as much as I am growing fond of it. People are starting to call me Anita. Thats what my mama calls me. Anyway, the ruins were nice. Doña Raquel and Don Rubein ran into some family members so they spent the hour or two that we were there at the bottom of one of the structures just talking while Cristian and I walked all around taking pictures, checking out the souvenirs and trying to find Quesifritos Chileados (my favorite junkfood aside from Sanguchitos--ice cream sandwiches from Sarita). After the ruins we went to Don Rubeins sisters home in a nearby aldea. We played soccer with some of her kids (she has 15) and ate bread and drank coffee. We also spent a good portion of the night trying to chase a white rabbit.

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