Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Alllllrighty then

The title to the blog has little to do with what I´m actually going to write about. But I was watching it the other day at one of my students houses and I remember that we hadn´t gotten to the end when he figures out that the woman is a man with everything put behind him (I´ll gently put it that way). Anyway, so last night I went to the papifut tournament that my community has every year. Cristian (my other P.I.C aside fro mVanessa) and I had just gotten our caliente (warm punch with pineapple, coconut and papaya) when this guy comes walking out of the fenced area greeting everyone. Hola, viejo. Then he goes on to me and says, Como estas, Malito?, almost knocking me on my feet as he patted me on my shoulder. Apparently, I look like someone named Malito. And apparently I look like a dude. It was dark. I had a hat on and my hair pulled up, sweat pants, and a big skiing coat...but still. Then right before I was about to leave another guy that had been playing is going to leave and he goes around saying his goodbyes then gets to me and says, Que onda viejo? as he takes my hand and shakes it. Then hes likes, Oh snap! Desculpe. And he feels super salty. But all the men folk were laughing about it. They had since the first misunderstanding and were dying laughing that it had happened again. Those things don´t usually bother me. I´ve never been super feminine, girly or however women are made to seem in tv and magazines, society in general. Except for maybe when I was ten and still wore that beautiful flower hat that Alberto still makes fun of me for. But yes, it bothered me and I couldn´t help but slip out, Does one have to wear a dress to let people know that she is a woman? I don´t know that that statement was important because the only people who heard were Cristian and his dad (he was part of the laughing folk).

Anywho, today I played dodgeball (matado) again with about 20 kids. They do not get tired of this game. Little do they know about the Pink Cobras from Aurora...But I see some definite dodgeball superstar potential in some of those kids. My girls´basketball game is also going on this week. Very few girls have come but I think that I may also have sparked the interest of some girls that don´t get out to play much. Oh and I got the lethargic 10 year old boy of the lady I used to live with to come out and do some exercise. He generally watches tv and plays videogames. So progress is being made. Oh oh...and I got a free desk. Did I mention that?

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