Thursday, November 6, 2008


Te estaria mintiendo si te diria que esto no se siente extraNo (for example, where is my n with a tilde on the keyboard). Its about 4am right now and yes, I passed out on Perla's couch like old times, way too early, leaving Perla, Alberto and Roy awake and maybe slightly disappointed that I didnt make it past 11. But I was tired. I had to wake up at 3:30 yesterday to be able to take a shower and be picked up in time to make it to the airport. Lying on this couch feels natural because maybe it really hasn't been that long since I've left. Six months. Maybe it's not enough time to make you forget specific feelings things and places give you (obviously not feelings you have towards people; those would never go away with certain people in my life) but the feeling you get from going down to the Fox River or from driving on Farnsworth. Or driving down Lehnertz Circle during Christmas. These next two weeks or so, I imagine I'll look at everything kind of like its new and make a comment about how it looks the same. I wonder if I will get the feeling I got in Huehue of being somewhere back in the states and actually feeling and seeing it as I moved through life. Will I imagine a Maxi Bodega instead of a Wal-Mart or the down-town with a bunch of one-ways no one cares to respect. Will I see Guatemala here in Illinois? Like everytime the camioneta passes by the terminal. Or every time I walk by the clinic and prepare myself to say hi to Don Polo. Or everytime I have to greet every teacher at my school with a kiss. Am I going to be trying to kiss everyone here? Maybe. Be prepared.

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