Thursday, October 1, 2009

Independece Day

Pues si, tu. About 3 weeks ago I was invited to go traer la antorcha to Barrillas, a city that is 7 hours away in bus. It used to be 12 or 13 hours but now that the roads are better, travel time has decreased, but 7 hours, people! That's a long bus ride with 40 rowdy teens. So off we went at 8 in the morning on a Sunday, passed through all the Cuchumatanes pueblos and eventually arrived in Barrillas, which was surprisingly warm. We get there, choose our spot to sleep on a concrete floor and then go out to discoverer the town. The next morning we are up at 3am to start running. Now, please dont think that we ran 12+ hours. We ran some, walked some, drove some. But it was pretty damn cool and I ran way more than I thought I could. It must have been those whole 4 days that I ran to prepare. Riiiiight. We would take turns in groups of 4. For example, I would run with 3 of my students carrying the flag and two torches and when we'd run a certain distance, 4 other people would get off the bus and run. With stops for eating and peeing, we got back to the Instituto where the school was waiting for us, with delicious bread and coffee. Oh yea, and lots of cheering. :) Here are the pics to prove I ran although you never actually see me running in any of the pics.

Nevermind, no pics. Blogspot is being lame and wont let me upload. Until next time, I suppose.

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