Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The time is winding down. Its becoming so blatant now. School is ending for the year and that means I have a few months of vacation and summer activities and only about 7 months of school. Im counting down now, not up. I keep telling that to Profe (one of my best friends here). And he says, why do you have to say that? Cant you just enjoy the now. Yes, I can. But I cant deny reality either. Its coming. Itll be sad. It will come too soon. I hate when people use the word bittersweet but Im sure it will be something like that.

But before I go and get emo on you, I want to share some of the things that Ive been enjoying in the now.
  • One of my male students bravely decided to show the rest of the class that he understood a womans menstrual cycle, fertility, etc.
  • I am starting to announce my summer camps (American sports!, Art workshops, Girl Power/Leadership, Film Festival, Community Service).
  • The idea of mom and dad coming.
  • Lemon-flavored Emperador cookies
  • I bought a toaster oven and made bread and it tasted delicious.
  • Sweet text messages I get from my students.
  • Finding scholarships for my kids.
  • Falling asleep too early.
  • Internet at my house!
  • Talking to my students parents
  • Pollo Campero. I want a life-time supply. I dont care what the pretentious PCVs say.
  • Going for drives with Profe and listening to the White Stripes.
  • Scheming and planning mini-vacations in the country.
  • One of my students (who unfortunately is pregnant) whooped the boys butts in soccer yesterday. So fierce.
  • New coffee place in Huehue--called El Museo del Cafe (will be frequenting this fine establishment)
  • The bakery group that I am joining (Ill open up my own business when I get home. Watch out Mexican panaderias!)
  • The great clothes I bought at the PACA after going to about 10 and not finding shit.
  • The idea of running to lose some pounds and instead making myself pasta or eggs with tortillas.

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