Friday, October 30, 2009

Sitting here in my kitchen, listening to the CDs that Roy sent. I've been stuck on the Music Popular CD. I kinda like the Alicia Keys song. The Beyonce one is weird. Is she talking about a guy's penis? Seriously. The Black Eyed Peas one makes me smile and I really like the Shakira one because it makes me think of Halloween. I'm also trying to study for my panaderia test. I haven't had a test in yeeears. I'm pretty happy the class will end soon because having warm bread in your face leads to quick weight gain and I'm not down with that. Other news, tomorrow is Huehue's serenata. People go around cruising Huehue. There's music in the park and tons of vendors. Boyfriends and husbands go serenade their pareja. I'm supposed to get a serenata...I hope its something dreary and not lovey dovey. Blahh. I'm seriously not believing in love. We'll not true. I do. But not for myself. Not now. Too much to think about. To fix. To take care of. Like my new puppy, Jack Piano, that thought it was okay to poop on my metodo del collar handouts. Thanks a lot! So he is officially banned from coming inside the house. He needs to become a manly, Guatemalan dog. Or he won't make it. Those other chuchos will tear him apart.

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Oba Ish said... got another dog????