Sunday, January 3, 2010

El Chacal

El Chacal de las trompetas on Don Francisco's "Sabado Gigante" is this man (maybe woman) dressed in a black satin cloak,covering his entire body except for two holes around his eyes lined with gold. Sounding the trumpet on the singing contest when someone uber sucks at singing. Although if the person singing is a good-looking woman with tight-fitting clothes, she will probably pass on to the next round just to appease Don Francisco's machista ass. That man has always been gross. I like him cus he's Chilean but he's sleezy and he turned way too Mexican to try appeal to his audience. He even came out with a ranchero album. Seriously? Huehue, there is a man they call El Chacal. I know him as Jorge. That's the way he introduced himself to me. He sells newspapers. The first time I saw him was on the camioneta to my town. He gets on and starts his bit, "Les traigo Nuestro Diario..." then towards the end, he ends a joke with something like this, "el hombre que no trabajoa es porque tiene una mujer gorda que lo mantiene...pero no va a pensar mal, no gorda de peso si no de billete...gorda de billete." Then everyone giggles. Its the same joke every time. He always offers me the Prensa Libre which is the newspaper that actually has articles and not just pictures of homicides. He always says hi to me and we've talked many times when I'm waiting for the bus. He used to be an alcoholic and now attends AA meetings. Yesterday, coming home from La Reforma, San Marcos, I waited for my bus for about an hour. The buses were running sporatically. Then el Chacal walks up and sits next to me underneath the pasarela. I asked him how was New Year's Eve. He tells me, well, I was sober, so that was good. Continues telling me that this year life was kinda tough for his family but that is life. We started talking about the violence in Huehue (#1 department in the entire country for lynchings and burnings...we're #1, we're #1...). In one of the aldeas I work in, they found a dead man in his taxi. Sigh. I like talking to Jorge. He's nice. Some people have told me some bad things about him, but I think this man has just had a really hard life, partially because of the way he grew up and partially because of bad decisions. Oh, and people call him Chacal because he's really dark.

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Anonymous said...

The actor who plays El Chacal probably changes over time.

if you do a little research you will see DF had had this bit with Chacal for a long time. The same with ads and skits.

DF has his formula and doesn't change it too much.