Sunday, January 3, 2010

To New Beginnings

I'm not too sure that most Guatemalans make New Year's resolutions. Who came up with the idea anyway? Saber. The internet says it was the Babylonians. Parece que los Babylonians would make resolutions to get in with the gods. If a resolution was not cumplido, it was considered bad luck so one should be wise when choosing what exactly was gonna be different about this year. Someone mentioned that Guatemalans don't make resolutions because they are much more focused on survival than changing their behavior. But since I'm American, I do have some. I was talking to Profe last night and he said the whole generic New Year's bit, although I know he is very sincere. In everything he says. Que Dios le traiga muchas bendiciones a ud y su familia. I told him, well I know it will already be different. I will more than likely be home for half of this year and Phillip will no longer be at war or in the army. Just those two things will make life drastically different than 2009. Crazy to think that 10 years have passed. I was fourteen when this decade started. A little freshmen/sophomore in love with Dan Flores, long-haired pot head. I was super skinny, and getting those fabulous grades in school. Now, PC volunteer in another country far, far away from my family. By the end of this next decade, I will more than likely be an aunt of at least two little ones from Perla and Alberto, I may even be married and have my little ones. Scary. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Let's focus on 2010. Resolutions for this year are:
  • Be healthy (typical)
  • Get a fabulous job that pays well
  • Have more fun
  • Love my family more, as well as my friends and students
  • Be more organized
  • Travel to Chile and Brazil (maybe Costa Rica)
  • Start drawing again

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