Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Anna, quieres jugar en la lluvia?

These past few days I´ve been coming home exhausted from classes and passing out on my bed for at least 2 hours. Much longer than I plan when I crash. Yesterday was no different. I come home, open the window because my room is musty and I haven´t had clean clothes in over 2 weeks, turn on the tv and fall asleep. Yesterday I woke up from my nap to the cries of the two year old. God knows what he was crying about. Probably food or a toy. Then the teacher I live with walks in and asks me if I want cafe con leche. Now, I probably shouldn´t be drinking it, specially if its gastritis that I have. But who can know for sure. I haven´t been formally diagnosed. Who could resist a nice cup of cafe con leche, after a nap with the rain pouring down on the lamina. Not I. So I drank that. I busted out the peanut butter (extra crunchy) and crackers and contributed to the evening coffee break. I guess the coffee gave me a spur of energy, but it could have been the sun breaking through the clouds and the smell of cow maneaur and grass sweeping through the window, made me want to go for a walk through the small town I have yet to know. I ended up taking the 9 yr old boy who generally sits in front of the tv watching novelas to the basketball court. Then everyone wanted to go: the 2 yr old and his mom, as well as the cousins. We all trotted down the muddy road to the cancha, ended up playing bball and a game or two of papifut. This run-down cancha was half flooded by the rain that had poured down an hour earlier. During bball we were trying to be extremely cautious as to not fall in the lake of dirty water but during the soccer, we said forget it. There were no longer any rules. If the ball went in the water, then your behind went in the water. The teacher (who is pretty darn prissy) was totally in the water. It was a great thing to see. The 9 yr old and his cousins (around the same age) were overjoyed by the fact that they were running through this wet, dirty stuff. It was weird. Like a small break towards freedom. We can do this? We can run through this crap and be ok? Then the cousins´mom drives by and I´m like, oh no, I am going to be in trouble. I initiated the whole thing, but she was cool. The teacher finally went home with the 2 yr old before he could catch pneumonia and the 4 of us stayed behind, with the townspeople walking by and watching the foolish 23 yr old getting dirty in the water with the elementary school students. I loved every second of it...until the kids attacked me, kicking water at me because they decided I wasn´t wet enough. Other kids joined in as they walked from their home to the little tienda. When all was done and kids were drenched with dirty water and me ofcourse, they said, ¨Are we doing this again tomorrow? Same time, same place? ¨


Screamingintopillow said...

ah, it takes me back to the days of lake avon. fun read pretty bird. i love you :)

Screamingintopillow said...

It seems like you are reverting back to childhood love..good for you :D