Saturday, September 27, 2008

Today, twoday, tooday

Started off this day watching King of California (good movie with Michael Douglas on a search for Spanish gold) and drinking some good instant coffee with Cremora. Then went for a walk with the teacher I live with. We walked all the way to an atm machine down the road because she needed to see if she finally got paid this month (you may recall she hasnt gotten paid since January when school iniated). So we enter this gas station (kinda fancy looking from the outside; Id never been). To my grand surprise they had gelatto there...Oh yea! I think I will go there tomorrow and get some lemon kind. I doubt they have Fruits of the Forest like at Freddys Pizza. Needless to say, anytime I am feeling down or missing home, that is where you will find my big behind. So then I came back and did my Dia de Limpieza (Clean-up Day) with the kids at the Instituto. It wasnt obligatory but 46 students showed up which was cool. Some didnt do the best job cleaning but I thanked them for coming with a bag of water. Yes, we sell water in bags here, as well as milk. Yum, yum. All in all, went well. The principal helped out too. Now we wait and see how long it takes to get dirty again. We collected about 15 big bags of garbage. Walking to the bus stop, I already saw fresh trash. I think we will have to petition the Muni for some garbage cans and put up some signs too. After that, took a shower because I was stanky stanky from all the garbage. Then the lights went out. The teacher thinks its because there was a mudslide in a nearby town and about 80 people were buried in the mud. I dont really know though. Now I am here at the internet cafe on a Saturday afternoon waiting for a phonecall from Mom, talking to Perla and eating chicken. Love you all.

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