Thursday, September 25, 2008

Things Ive been up to as of a few days ago

Community clean-up day lead by my two tree-loving girls from Segundo

Trying to get funds for our cancha polideportiva

Teaching girls how to use the internet (I like how they tell me they dont know how to use the internet the day the homework is do. Come on, ladies!)

Meeting the social worker that works with youth on habilidades talleres

Making a syllabus a la Dr. Frolick (No one earns an A in my class!... Classic Frolick)

Listening to Evanescence (shoutout to Bear and Apryll) and watching Two and a Half Men, as well as Denise Richards Its Complicated (dont judge me)

1 comment:

Apryll said...

Hey, great band to listen to. Oh and I like watching Denise Richards myself, so theres no judgement here