Friday, January 16, 2009

Cuentos de Anna Banana

Roy will soon be gone. School will soon start. I will soon run out of chocolate. Life will go back to normal. I don't know if I can eat any more delicious food. I'd list it all but it's pretty embarrassing, all I've eaten. The past couple of weeks, aside from eating, I've been falling in love with Bebes, tripping over things, drinking lots of coffee with Roy, trying to prepare for school, meeting with the teachers and directors at my schools to see what is up for this school year (we finally have a start date for school!) and missing all of you. Having Roy here makes me think of home and makes me want to return to all of you. I miss my Jelly hugs and my O-town kisses. I miss cringing at the site of Bear's feet and the sound of Rab's catchphrases. I miss your stylish ways, Phillip. But I know when I leave here in about a year and a half, there will be so much I miss as well. I will miss walking by Dona Irma's house and whistling as I watch Bebes run down the driveway to greet me. I will miss Profe Geovani telling me "Good morning, Miss" with his little accent and the cheesiest face in the world. I will also miss going to the bus stop and hoping that the chofer I have a crush on is driving. I may even miss Dona Raquel's insane laugh Hmm...maybe not. But now, at the moment, I miss you guys. Every thing I do here I do because of you and ultimately for you. I love you guys.

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