Sunday, January 25, 2009


I am beyond sick. Last night I literally thought that I was going to stop breathing. I was drooling all over the pillow and had to change where my head was resting just so I wouldn´t have a wet, germy face. I woke up with all my body aching and boogers everywhere. Bebes did not sleep with me and for that I paid a steep price. As I walked to the garbage can to throw away some toilet paper, I see a nice, coiled brown gift at the top of the stairs. But that was only after that big puddle of bright yellow pee. So I cleaned a lot this morning. I even washed my blankets. Last night I either had a dream, or this was reality, that there were fleas all over the bed. And that I caught them so easily. This was probably reality. Anyway, so I´m sick. When I´m sick, I long for home, more so that usual. Last night I went to bed at 7, woke up at 9 thinking it was midnight and then finally at about 6:30 with Cristian asking me if I wanted to go to a nearby town with them. I politely declined. I´m sick, young man. Of course, then his mom finds out and promises me a Vicks Vapor Rub-down later today. This should be interesting. Do I want it? Yea, kind of, as long as she doesn´t laugh while she´s doing it. Rewinding...this weekend went by really fast. The lake was beautiful. It reminded me of Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica. I recommend Circus Bear (jaja...actually called Circus Bar) for their yummy pizza. Don´t go to Chinitas. Cute kids selling equally cute handicrafts. I had to take 5 buses to get home yesterday so that suuuuuucked. I had both butt cheeks on a seat though. So that was a positive experience. It was nice to be back home even though I thought I was going to faint. Hopefully I get better. Tomorrow is the first day of school. I have to be dynamic and with that game face on. Speaking of game face...the soccer season starts soon. Anyway some other things that I have been doing and look forward to in the coming weeks.

1) Phillip finally responding to his family´s emails
2) I ate ram for lunch last Thursday. I wanted to throw up. Not as delicious as lamb.
3) Meeting with the librarian
4) Implementing The First Days of School...woot woot!
4) Having a fixed schedule for the school year????
5) Papifut games
6) Exercising (although someone told me I look thinner...that can´t be)
7) English classes for my teachers
8) Reading more of Rab´s fabu blogs
9) Calling Tia Hilda
10) Spending less money

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