Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Reunionation de Maestrosation

Every morning it is getting harder to wake up. 5:30 never feels right on cold mornings. It´s still dark out and very foggy. Today I had to reset the alarm to 6 and then I still didn´t want to get up. If Bebes can sleep in, why can´t I. Sometimes I wish I had a dog´s life: sleep, eat and well, you know...So I got up today with Roy and Bebes following at least an hour later. I made my black tea with sugar and ate my powdered milk with Corn Flakes then I finished up planning for a meeting that I had this morning with the teachers at one of my schools. The meeting was to reenforce the information about the Peace Corps that was given to them when I first got to site. We did a Jeopardy Trivia game to make it more interactive. They were getting all competitive. Some of the teachers knew the goals, mission, etc of the project while others had no clue. Sigh. We talked about how we were going to make the program sustainable and they had really good ideas. The teachers were joking the entire time but took things seriously went they needed. Overall, a success. I have basically the same meeting tomorrow at my other school. Hopefully it goes just as well although the teachers at this other school, as I told Roy, need a little electric shock to wake them up. Can they do it? Yes, they can. Jaja..sorry.

I´m putting a picture of me on top of a church when Roy and I stopped by Carmen´s feria. I think it´s a beautiful picture. Am I glowing? Love you all.

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