Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Las guayabas

Yesterday Doña Raquel and I hung out all afternoon. I was trying to clean the dishes and sweep when she called me to go get some guayabas. She´s always doing that. I think that´s how she gets people to hang out with her. What will she do when the guayabas run out? I guess there´s fruit in this country year round. So we went to the house that they own and is across the road. Apparently a family lives there now. I had no idea. They moved in on Sunday. It´s a family from another part of Huehue and came to my town so their teen girl could go to high school. Arriving at the house we first gave the cows their weird oatmeal-like mix while Jellyto ran around barking at them. He wanted to take a bite out of the cow just like Mary always does. He didn´t though. Those cows would toss him. What did happen unfortunately is that he was behind a cow while it was eating, when all of a sudden, the cow takes a dump and some of it splashes on him. Poor Bebes. Life sucks for him right now. Well not entirely. He got to eat half a chicken tamale last night. And today I gave him some of my beef stew. Anyway, back to hanging out with Doña Raquel...after feeding the cows, she climbs on the roof and starts throwing guayabas down at me and the two little boys from the family. We then go lay in hills. She whistles for her friends to come join us but they end up refusing. Too many chores left. We go home but not before a fall on my butt trying to climb between some strips of barbed wired and then stabbing my palm with a thorn. Cristian and Don Rubein were at some birthday party so we go upstairs and have coffee and beans, talking about all kinds of things. How Cristian is not Don Rubein´s son, her relationship with his father, how she misses living in the capital and how sometimes she wishes she wasn´t married because she craves her freedom. But how she also is happy she found someone she loves and will take care of her when she´s sick.

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