Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ruff stuff

I´m trying hard to type with an ice cream cone tucked between my index finger and thumb. So if there are some errors, sorry. Ice cream is more important than grammar. Anywho, today was a rough day. It started out excellent with all 3 Primero classes. I was amazed by how well it went. And then ended horribly. Wel not too horrible but at one point I kept hearing loud conversation when I was trying to talk but saw no one speaking. I think I was going crazy maybe. I had classes nonstop today which the normal teachers here don´t have so yes, I´m hella tired. Thing is it will probably be like this for about 2 more weeks when the Ministry of Education decides to send the missing teachers. Sigh. Meanwhile, I´m still sick. It almost went away but now I have uncontrollable coughing. Last night I woke up Cristian with my couging. He was also woken up by a supposed ghost that was haunting the house. That boy is full of those stories--murders, accidents, ghosts, spousal betrayal. Anywho, a lady died yesterday or the day before so it´s possible I guess. Also a kid was shot and killed in a nearby town by the neighborhood watch. I don´t know the whole story but supposedly they stopped him because he was out too late and he didn´t like that they were searching his car, and one thing led to another and he was killed. Some of my students knew him so they were sad today. If I were them, I wouldn´t have gone to school. The weather´s been pretty weird the past two days. Crazy strong winds. So there are some tumulos (speedbumps) but let me tell you, the love life is fabulous. I´m getting so many compliments and saludos sent to me. My goodness. Pretty hilarious. Definitely helps the ego. Miss you guys.

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