Monday, February 9, 2009

This morning I walked from my house to Las Vegas, where I take a micro to go to the town where one of my schools is located. The walk takes about 20 minutes. So I left my house at 6:30 so I could be at Las Vegas at a reasonable time to take the micro. People were looking at me funny but I wasn´t paying much attention to them. I was focused on the fog that was letting way for the sun past the hills. And the great classical music that started playing on my Ipod. Classical music isn´t for rich people. I don´t know why some people say that. That music brings peace to your mind and soul; rich or poor, I think everyone can appreciate that. Meanwhile, classes go up and down. Some go amazingly smooth and others I feel some students are messing around so much that it´s impossible that they actually go anything from the class and in turn made it so that others couldn´t learn anything either. But it could just be that constant self-criticism. I´m trying to look at things as positive as I can. So with that said, I´m going to list a few good things that have happened in the past few days.
-Cristian and I went on a walk to the other end of my town
-I slept so warm last night thanks to the fire and blanket I got
-There´s this little girl in primero that gives the best morning greetings
-I´m going to try to get on the last bus going back into town
-I had a Sanguchito today
-I had a good text session with a stranger last night
-I sent Phillip a bday package
-Cristian´s extremely large cat, Muñeco finally showed up after being gone for a month
-I made Pad Thai last night
-I might have a date for Valentine´s Day

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