Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yesterday I was a little kid again. I came home from going to visit a teacher´s brother that got hit badly by a motorcycle. He was at the National Hospital which isn´t too too far from where I live. I must say, visiting someone when they are suffering is bad enough with someone you actually know and in English, but its ackward as hell in Spanish and with someone you don´t know. Nevertheless, I think the family was very happy that we (me and Seño Emilsa) showed up. She went to pray and I tagged along. I think I may eventually turn into the O but I have a long way to go. I came home from the hospital and found Cristian and his best friend, Carola, making a piñata. I was tired. I could have easily just gone to bed but why would you pass up making a piñata. We did that though we aren´t done. We still have ways to go. Doña Raquel thought it would be cool to take an old piñata frame and make a new one, stuff the thing with candy, invite all her friends over and whack it open. Good idea. After the piñata, Cristian, Carola and I decided we were going to ride bikes. The problem was that we only had one bike. So we would take turns while the other two ran behind. But then a former student of mine showed up and he started riding with us and giving Cristian and Carola rides. We ended up riding for about an hour up and down the block. We then got to the cancha and started sticking bottles in the tires so that they´d make motorcycle sounds. It was so much fun. I don´t know how to describe it aside from giving an example. A few weeks back, I took one of the last buses home. They are either super packed or empty. I don´t know if there is anyway of knowing. Anyway, so the ayudantes for that day where two teens, maybe 18 years old or so. All the people were packed so damn tightly into the bus. I was almost sitting on the driver´s lap. People were hanging outside the bus door. The ayudantes were hanging out the door with one foot inside and the other leg dangling out. The music was blarring, some ranchera love song. It must have been these kids´ jam because they started shaking their heads, jumping up and down, grinning so wide and singing along. They looked so happy. It was hilarious. It was so unlike what I´ve seen here. People don´t do that in public. That´s how I felt riding bikes yesterday. Out of my element, free and totally happy.

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