Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bird and Bebes glamour shots

Do I look like O-town in that first picture or what? It´s them cheeks! Cristian put the hat Perla sent me on Bebes. Straight gangsta dog. I think he´s getting bigger and fiestier. I didn´t think that was possible. He´s starting to chew on Clifford´s ears and he tried to bite the gas man. Damn Bebes. No respect, no respect. Today I spent two hours with a friend teaching her how to talk to her husband in the states. They invited me to play soccer but they just filled me up with Pollo Campero so I don´t want to unleash all that on the fake grass cancha. I might go on a shopping spree tomorrow. Love you guys. Sorry for the randomness. LOVE YOU!!!!

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