Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Birthday, Pinguino!

This blog is dedicated to my brother, the roughest but sweetest boy I know. Not to mention probably the guy that has the best style. Even better than Perla and I, because you have the dough to make things happen. We all wish that we could be with you for your birthday. I even tried calling you twice today but the call didn´t even go through. Know that we love you and are always thinking of you, birthday or unbirthday. Te queremos muchisimo.

The following are things that I hope make you smile:
1) I´ve been singing the ABCs song all this week and will continue the following week because I am teaching basic level English.
2) The principal called in about 10 boys into his office for throwing rocks at a girl. These are high schoolers.
3) The Municipality had not picked up garbage for over two weeks because our mayor is corrupt and God knows what he is doing with the money. The people are pissed as a result, there was a underground movement to take all the garbage and leave it on the steps of the Muni. Truckloads. The cops tried to stop the people and they got trash hurled at them.
4) Bebes, my dog, had brown crap all over his face and I realized it right as I was about to kiss him.
5) I love you and miss you.

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