Monday, January 19, 2009

Small victories

Saturday morning I received a call from the student I tutored for most of the month of December telling me that she had passed her four final tests and was going to Segundo Basico as opposed to repeating Primero again. I was really excited to hear that and she was like,¨It was you. All you. Thank you so much.¨Then of course, I say that no, I couldn´t take credit for her passing. I helped her but she was the one that had to show up to the tutoring and ultimately study all those hours. Her father was not going to let her study next year if she didn´t pass so this was a big deal for the both of us. The last thing I told her was that I´d see her next year in Segundo. She laughed and we said goodbye. Then today, I was finally able to see the mayor of our town (actually of the departmente capital). This was my fourth time trying to talk to him about the cancha we are trying to build at one of my schools. Roy and I show up a little before 8 because that´s the time we were told to be there. We get there and there are already about 15 people waiting to receive a number. By the time he got to me (after more than 3 hours of waiting and Roy staring at the people in the park), he comes out of his office and apologizes but has to do the meetings fast. So I had about 5 minutes to tell him that we needed a cancha and if he could help us out. He told me that he knew that there existed that need and that he was going to talk to the other members of the City Council and then they´d decide. He told me thank you for working in his communities and that he´d let me know the results. The small victory was not only his response but actually getting to see him.

Meanwhile, Bebes is sick. His leg is twitching. Roy is also sick. Nose running, legs and arms covered with some type of insect bites. A little girl threw up on him on the bus. Terrible basically. However, last night was nice. We went on a walk through my town down the highway until it got way too dark. Came back and bought 1Q blueberry popscicles and sat on the roof as people walked by. We made Gallo Pinto, minus the cilantro and Salsa Lizano. Then we went to a soccer game down the road with Cristian.

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