Friday, August 8, 2008

Books and villages

Hola a todos y todas, I am trying to start up a small school library as there exist no books in one of my schools. If you or anyone you know has Spanish books (not grammar books) that you could spare to donate, please hold them for me. I will probably be coming home for Christmas and can bring them back then. The books would be for middle to high school aged students; all topics, themes, genres are welcome. Or if you know of any Spanish book stores that I can bother for books. Also let me know. Moving on to other was the feria of one of the towns where I am working so of course, I was all up in that piece marching with the band. The director had told me that he would be introducing me in front of all the teachers of all the schools that would be participating. I woke up at 5:30 to prepare a most inspiring speech that evoked Mrs. Clintons, it takes a village. It was so good. But alas, they didnt present me and the people were not able to be inspired by my words. It was deep, man. So deep. There will be a next time.


Ms.Mimi said...

If you would like, I can go to a book store and get a few books in Spanish. It totally not a problem. I been wanting to go to barnes and Nobles or even the book store in the mall. Just let me know!

Roy said...

I will work on that soon. I'm thinking about calling the Cicero Public Library to see if they have any used books they'd donate. Cicero sounds like a town that'd have spanish books in the library.

Dr. F said she'd look for some for a box she was going to send u next week.

take care

amnightingale said...

Thank you, my loves. You´ll get many little rhinestones on that crown that God has prepared for you in heaven.