Monday, August 4, 2008

Gastritis and gluttony

Originally, I was going to post pictures of where I live but apparently I need to install my camera software in order for it to work at this internet cafe. I will just fill you in on my weekend--best described as gastritis and gluttony. I threw up on Friday--thrice! after being sick every other day this week. The nurses think that I may have gastritis. Woohoo! I told Mom and she is trying to come up with all these reasons for why I got gastritis (It´s the water you are drinking!...No because I am drinking bottled water only. It´s because you don´t have running water!...I doubt that´s it. It´s the food you are eating...No, I am eating better at my new site than I was before yet I continue to lose weight.) I am going to blame it on worrying about Phillip and egg poisoning. I don´t think such thing exists (getting sick from seeing and eating too many eggs) but it makes me think of that radio contest where that lady died from drinking too much water. Last night, I had...eggs! for dinner...again! with a side of mystery meat (some kind of bologna thing with pieces of carrot and peas and who knows what else stuck in there). I think I am going to have to break it to my host family that I now hate eggs. Hate. Strong word and it most certainly applies here. To continue with this food theme, this weekend was Carmen´s birthday but it might as well have been mine because I tore it up. Mind you, I was throwing up all Friday night, decided that I could go out on Saturday to Xela and eat the following things (ice cream yogurt...twice; Indian food ...spicy!; Taco Bell...I know gross right?; crepes with bacon). The whole time I was thinking I shouldn´t be eating this. All these foods will probably make me sick. But they didn´t and they helped blanket (at least in my mind) the fact that I had eggs again for dinner...again.

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Anonymous said...

don't eat the meat. they must not have enough refrigeration.

luv you