Saturday, August 9, 2008

The kids can play

Pictures as promised from the parade. My students had about 5 songs that they played for the kilometer or so we had to march. They recently banned Tequila. I asked them if it was because of the theme of the song and they said, ¨nooooo...because we tried playing it at another festival and everyone messed up, so it´s banned.¨ Interesante. It was nice going out to the event with them, took me back to the Saturday ACI outings with the Jr/Sr Scholars (must I compare everything to Jr/Sr? yes, I can´t help it). The students were screaming to the bus driver to turn up the music and if the song sucked, they´d start booing. Some things are truly universal. Things that I am currently working on: translating icebreakers and bellringers into Spanish (do I really want to do this? It could be hell.); planning a session on study skills (because these kids do not study and I saw many cheating); trying to get to APROFAM to get ahold of those damn electronic babys (give me the baby); a recycling activity called Schools of the Future; and I have to plan out a 30 min activity for is International Youth Day (although I think it is technically the 12th). That and much more. Ok, I just read something Perla posted about Bernie Mac dying and that makes me really sad...tear.

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