Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Padres de Familia Bochinche!

This morning I presented myself to most all of the padres de familia at one of my Institutos. I worked on my presentation all afternoon and night while my little electronic baby slept quietly. I go to bed around 10:30 and one hour later the baby starts to cry and cries about 5 or 6 times more the rest of the night. There were two times when she wanted to bottle and drank for 15 mins so that I meant I had to have the bottle propped up that entire time. You know how difficult that is to do when you are half asleep? I got about 4 hours of sleep. Woke up 4:30 and continued to work on my presentation. I am horrible at presenting myself in front of large crowds in Spanish. My Spanish is actually getting worse, it seems. But during my presentation I saw a lot of mothers smiling and nodding their heads. I was waiting for an AMEN! but didn´t get one. Maybe next time. The teachers said that they really liked it so all is well although after almost any presentation I am immensely overcritical of myself. Who is to blame...GarBear or Otown? Or is that something I created myself? After the presentation of myself and the Bridge Model in my horrible Spanish, I handed out a questionnaire to the parents asking them about the quality of the education they thought their kids were receiving, what are their hopes and priorities for their children, etc? I can´t wait to get those back. Should be interesting. Also had to co-facilitate the introduction to the electronic baby proyect to some parents. It got intense quickly. ¨My son isn´t like that (thinking about sex); this will only open up his mind to doing these type of things.¨Or ¨This should be optional; all the other schools don´t make this an obligation.¨ Those were just a few comments. Some parents actually thought that the students (a male-female couple chosen based on proximity to each other) were going to have to stay the night together. Say whaaaat? Never that. So these two mothers were beginning to incite a parent riot (bochinche)...ok, not really but they were approaching it. Then this lady, mother of a really sweet and innocent boy, stands up (herself being very similar to her son, sweet and meek, says Ïm not anyone to be standing up here before you; and you´ll have to excuse me but do you love your children? (Parents nod their heads yes). Do you want whats good or bad for your children? (Parents mumble good). Well then I think that you sould seriously consider this proyect because it is a good thing for our children.¨That was the gist of it. But it came out of nowhere. This little lady. I wanted to say, ¨You go, girl.¨But I didn´t. All parents clapped for her though. It was great. Today was a good day. Update for Rab. I am no longer emo.

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