Thursday, August 14, 2008

Response to Rab´s Bulls Blog

Ok, Rab get out of my head and into my pants. Why is it that I have been thinking about the Bulls in these past days as well? (Oops, I just spilled vanilla muffin all over my face). Seriously though...yesterday I went to this little restaurant to get some lunch (cheeseburger and cheese fries, if you care) and I was reading this magazine on the Olympics and they had this whole thing on Michael Jordan and the Dream Team. It took me back to those days when we were spazzy fanatics of the Bulls. I´ll never forget one of the Championship Finals that fell on my birthday and I made Mom and Dad get me a Bulls cake with the Bulls face and black, white and red sprinkles. I forget who they were going against that year but I remember literally crying and praying for the Bulls to win, pleading with God that if he just let them win for my birthday, then I would be good. Hilarious. Man, we loved those guys. But yes, then came stupid spin the bottle. Stupid hormones. We could be WNBA Stars (which reminds me, I´m supposed to be coaching the girls´bball team). Anyway, another thing that has made me think of the Bulls is this kid at one of my schools. His name is Micol or maybe its Mikol, either way, I´m a cheesy individual and call him Michael Jordan. I miss the Bulls.

Next point, I´m glad you guys had fun with the delicious La Chiquita chicken. Tell Roy to send me some...! Next time you see Sal, tell him I said hi and that the music he sent me was damn good. I´m jealous you all had such a good time. This coming week, I´m going to an archaelogical site with my 3o Basico kids and the Social Studies teacher. Later we are supposed to go to an orphanage and take some goods. I´m really looking forward to it. And in these next couple of days, I´m going to a camp ground with some other PCVs for a welcome party.

Badminton...the live stream wasn´t working. The Badminton player representing Guatemala is kinda fine, dawg...look him up. I think his name is Kevin Cordon or something like that. I was thinking about writing him and having him come meet our kids and show them (ME!) a couple tricks.

Phillip needs to quit being stupid and stay at the base and play with his new pet.

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