Sunday, April 6, 2008

Blasted dreams

I had a series of dreams last night. There were 3 major parts and while they were all kind of broken up, they all kind of fit into each other. The first was me being at some kind of sporting event or a generic public event. Anyway, George Bush was there and so was Faith Hill. the country singer. I don't know if she was presenting the president or what, but I know she was there in some kind of gown. And hmm, I was there too acting as some sort of helper? It seemed as I was one of those ball girls at tennis games so whatever the president needed, I had to get. I hope this isn't symbolic of the Peace Corps. So Faith Hill introduces him, he makes his way to the podium, and he goes over to shake my hand and then kisses it... I guess the event was televised because in my dream, they ran the story over and over again (not unlike the real media) on how Bush kissed my hand and I turned away and started laughing at the ridiculousness. He had a smirk on his face like, I know that kissing your hand is going to win me popularity with the people. My approval rating is sure to go up. I think I killed it for him though. I think this may have come from the youtube video Perla sent me of Bush at the baseball game getting booed recently. After that whole incident, I went to sit on the bench by my parents. I saw them but for some reason didn't sit by them, sat next to these two men and their nephew instead. They were Latin American or Spanish. I ended up going with them to their country. They lived right on the beach. The nephew was completely infatuated with me, declaring his undying love and what not. He was young but very attractive (but again, young). I think I end up leaving him and his uncles. Suddenly, my dream switches over to my brother. His sergeant tells us he has been killed. I am able to see how he dies. I don't know how but it was one of the most horrible things I have ever dreamt in my life. I was dreaming and crying, gasping for air. I wake up and start crying for real and then have to go to my mom.

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