Wednesday, April 2, 2008

STD (stuff to do)

Time is going by too quickly. I have so much to do still. Talking to other PCV (Peace Corps Volunteers), I see that I am more prepared than some but nowhere near as prepared as others. I am the healthy medium... Anyway, these are the things I need to do. If I write them in more than one place, maybe I will be forced to get my butt in gear.
So here it is, things to do:
1) read (books about Guatemala and Afghanistan)
2) pack either a duffel bag or a really large backpack (which I have to buy)
3) pay the last of my credit cards ($150...nooooooooooooo...)
4) pay phone bill (more of my tax return money disappears)
5) oil change (did this yesterday so my car doesn't make the loud rattling sound anymore)
6) get in touch with some Sr Scholars
7) fill up my photo album (if you have some pictures of you and want me to remember your face, send them my way)
8) computer things
9) living will (I'm pretty sure I actually have to do this)
10) teach my mom how to use the computer (the basics)
11) talk to my bank
12) send letter to my host mom in Costa Rica
13) steal a sleeping bag from Perla and Bear
14) take a student to get her driver's license
15) go to get the 25 cent wings at Bar Louie
16) go to a dance party at the Hideout

Things to buy now:
1) Guatemala guide book
2) Diva Cup (not too sure about this one)
3) backpack
4) running shoes that fit
5) herbal deodorant (I have sensitive armpits)
6) zip ties
7) batteries AAA
8) face wash/acne stuff
9) razor

I'm sure there is more but that is all I can think of for now. I'm broke; feel free to chip in to the nightgown fund.

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