Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mailing address

So below is the address that you can send me letters and packages to, if your heart so desires. One thing I will probably need is herbal deodorant or hypoallergenic because I have sensitive little pits. I keep thinking that I will begin to crave peanut butter but I wouldn't ask anyone to send me that because it is damn heavy. I will probably only ask family to send me things but from all else, I ask for letters. And yes, I will write back.

The address is:
(My Name), PCT
8 Calle 6-55, Zone 9
Guatemala City, 01009
Guatemala, Central America

If it is courier packages (DHL, FedEx), you have to write down this telephone number too: 502.2384.3800.

The address will change after 3 months so I'll keep you guys posted.

Less than two weeks!

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