Friday, April 4, 2008

Jr/Sr Scholars

I had been absent from Jr/Sr Scholars for a little over a month and just as you're told at the very first orientation you ever go to. They will notice. Last week, about 3 or 4 students asked me where I had been. Yesterday a few more with one saying that it had been, "like six years since I last saw you." Then another one came over and hugged me saying that I was his most favorite teacher ever. I'm going to miss them so much. It hurts that I won't be here to see them graduate in a few months. I love these kids (teenagers really) in ways that I don't understand. At the end of the summer of 2006 I laid down on the couch and started to think about some of them and began to cry. Not sob but just tears started coming down my face because I kept thinking about some of the stories that they had told me. Then I started praying to God, asking him to take care of them, all of them, to take everything away from me, just as long as these youth ended up happy and realizing their dreams. It happened again last night, minus the tears. I wasn't able to sleep. Woke up at 5 and couldn't go back to bed. So I just started praying about them again. It made me think that maybe someone was going through something at the moment and needed a prayer.

I wish I could bring them all down with me to Guatemala or take them anywhere around the world really. There has to be some airline that would do that for free. Someone with a kind heart? I need connections.

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Ms.Mimi said...

Well, reading this made me realize that you guys arent just tutors...or just random people. Reading this Blog made me think about how attached you guys really get. Praying is the most powerful thing that anyone could ever ask for or do. I used to think that it was pointless. I used to think i was wasting my breath and that God wouldn't hear me. As for the last part.... I wish you could have taken me with you too! My Friend Shanna has connections..Her mom GETS FREE FLIGHTZ..and was going to fly me to N.Y last Thanksgiving..but my mom wouldnt let me... more like my dad. but I got to spend it with U and Ur family. Your family is awesome..wanna trade?!