Tuesday, April 8, 2008

See what had happened was...

Below is the updated list of things I have to do and buy. Yes, there are only 3 more weeks. And I am tired and I just want to go back to bed but I have so much to do and so much I am thinking so I will just clean, pack, and work.

1) re-reading all my Peace Corps paperwork
2) pick up the backpack I won on ebay; $40; too much money
3) have to still pay my BR bill and request a printout of the $0 balance
4) pay phone bill (still haven't done this; meanwhile I have about 400 roll over minutes)
5) photo album is slowly getting filled
6) living will (don't want to do this)
7) computer things...still
8) look up fun icebreakers, leadership activities, games for youth
9) eat lots of food and exercise (lol)
10) teach my mom how to use the computer (the basics)
11) talk to my bank (done)
12) send letter to my host mom in Costa Rica (not done)
13) steal a sleeping bag from Perla and Bear (do I really want to haul this around?)
14) take a student to get her driver's license (if there's time!)
15) go to get the 25 cent wings at Bar Louie (did this last night and man were they delicious)
16) go to a dance party at the Hideout (mmm, Saturday?)
17) sell and ship dunks
18) go to the planetarium on Saturday (woohoo!)
19) take pics of my family and friends
20) pick somewhere to go for A's b-day
21) manual for new tutor (I best get paid for this)

Things to buy now:
1) Guatemala guide book (bought)
2) Diva Cup (not too sure about this one; still not sure about this; its expensive)
3) backpack (done)
4) running shoes that fit (might just have to keep the ones that are too tight)
5) herbal deodorant (I now have a good supply)
6) zip ties (in the garage?)
7) batteries AAA (on sale at Walgreens)
8) face wash/acne stuff (bought)
9) razor (got it all squared away thanks to mini-rooster)
10) sunglasses (mine hurt my face)
11) durable material skirt
12) good lotion

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