Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Antigua and Way-way

This is all you get for now because I am at a incredibly slow internet right now.

Top picture is my host parents (Don Rodrigo and Doña Eva) at our swearing-in ceremony last, last Friday.

Next picture is me (obviously) with my host aunt and uncle (Doña Dora and Don Cesar). Don Cesar owned me so bad by giving me some tea in a cup that had a cockroach inside it (built-in ceramic cockroach).

Third picture is me and oh! is that Phillip in the back? Why yes it is! Phillip and I in the background in the tent when we went camping in Corpus Christi. Miss my boo.

Last picture is Carmen and I in Antigua by the arches where all the touristy stuff is and all the pretty stores that make me want to spend all my little bit of money.

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