Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Rabbie!

Dear Rab,
Today I went to a birthday party for my friend’s two-year old nephew. This kid is so damn cute and he has the cutest curly hair ever. The whole time I thought of you, in between all the tortillas, cake and candy I was eating. On this great day, a Rab was born. But not just any rab because as we know rabbits like to get it on, therefore, there are quite a few out there. On July 7th, 1983, the cutest little Rab was born. Her parents nicknamed her Little although, Lord knows my Rab has always had some junk in the trunk (I say this with complete respect because you know we are both there together in this department. Can’t no one mess with these Nightingale hips…wut!). So this Rab, right? She’s the cutest thing ever, but her looks aren’t all she has going for her. It turns out she is the sweetest, most sensitive being out there. And yes, sometimes her annoying Bird of a sister just wants her to get it together and not be affected by everything but really I admire you for your sweetness and wish I could be more like you. You are the greatest friend and the best sister (although you have yet to send that package that I asked for over a month ago). I miss you with all my heart and wish I could be there for your birthday. I will be celebrating in your honor by going to the PC Office, listening to wonderful information sessions, practicing for a teacher training I have to give on Tuesday and probably getting scolded by my family for being a few minutes late. Oh, I will live it up on your day. : ) I love you, Rab. Happy Birthday. Enjoy the pictures. O. O. O.

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