Tuesday, July 29, 2008

When a GarBear disowns a Bird (sung in When a Man Loves a Woman style)

I’ve listened to these two “banda” songs for at least 5 times each in the last few minutes. The first is called “Tal Vez” by the Primos de Durango and the second is called “Mi Amor por Ti” by Los Horoscopos de Durango. What has happened? This music used to make me cringe. This is all the neighbors would play next door at all the wrong hours. Everyone would make fun of it, including my Mexican friends. But alas, I cannot resist something so catchy. I remember when we lived in the white house on Avon, the neighbors would play their music and Dad would get pissed. He’d blast the Beethoven or Bach to retaliate. It didn’t work though. Once he even took what he deemed the most annoying music he could find in the house. Yes, my Hanson Middle of Nowhere CD. Countering catchy with catchy. Needless to say, Hanson didn’t deter our neighbors. This music makes me want to get off this bed and start doing the quebradita, even if it probably isn’t the right dance and I have no partner. When I get back to the states, I will be a die-hard banda music fan. The weird mix between hip-hop, reggaeton and freestyle is not so much my thing. Especially not the Costa Rican that calls himself Nigga. I can do without.

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