Thursday, July 10, 2008


I've been rather good about updating this thing, no? Someone give me my props. So we have about a week left in our training communities and are about to depart for our new homes for the next two years. We are all pretty much over training, with all its sessions, not being to go out past a certain hour, and having to eat everything that is put in front of us (even if we are dead tired of eggs and beans, with a side of tortillas). But I am completely going to miss my town and even my family or especially my family rather. They have gotten on my case so much, but I'm telling myself that it is all in good fun. Plus, now I am starting to not let it get me down that they try to make me feel guilty for being out past 8 (even though they told me I could be out til 9...damn that indirect communication style!) It's all good though. Tonight I am inviting my two buddies over for dinner and I plan on making empanadas for them and my fam. Hopefully I will not fail miserably...that masa is so testy. I will try to evoke O-town's empanada-making skills. I know my arms will be sore tomorrow. I will put up pictures soon of this great adventure. For now, these are some old pics that you get. If you guys have questions about anything (culture, food, language, my personal life--but not too personal), please ask away. I am here.


Anonymous said...

check ur facebook

pan said...

heads up sis, :) love you

amnightingale said...

hi brother, i miss you! I hope you are doing well. im sending you a letter this week.

te quiero mucho

Screamingintopillow said...

how come i dont get any comments? phillip, get on that.
and also, you need to update more woman. i am super updating and thine is slacking. stuff