Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Saint L

Today I ventured to one of my schools in a nearby aldea, hoping to get there on time (7:30) when class started. So I get to the bus stop and all these buses keep passing but I dont flag them down because they dont have the proper heading, lets say. Finally I just get on one that passes because I was tired of waiting there for 20 mins, get dropped off at the other stop, only to wait for about 45 mins for the darm minivan to pass by. I was ready to walk back to my town but for some reason I didnt. Finally got on the micro and ended up in my school. I hung out, observing the students in 1B (equivalent of 6th or 7th grade in the states). Highlights of the day were eating some super spongy cake that the Home Ec teacher made (Three Stooges kind of spongy cake), talking to the librarian about possibly getting more books for the library and getting these kids to read more (they only go in there if they have some research assignment assigned to them), the Idioma/Lectura teacher(Literature) made the kids stand up in front of the class and read passages from the Bible and analized how well they were reading (volume, tone, pause for punctuations, etc.) and then told them that they should read every day (her direct words were...do you eat everyday? well if you eat everyday then you should read everyday, it is just as important. Dr. Fitzsimmons immediately came into my mind and I wanted to yell, READ, READ, READ). Oh, they will be reading by the time I am done with them, if my name isnt Seño Anna. Mmm...other highlights, outside of school, I had a pizza burger for lunch, I found the postoffice and I think I know where the bus stop is which means I can make it home without having to share a cab with one of my students drunk fathers. Yipee! All and all, good day. Los quiero mucho. Shout out to the Jr Sr Scholars for twenty amazing years. I love and miss you guys. PS, our program director gave us Harry Wongs The First Days and I am rereading it as we speak. Coincidence...?

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Ms.Mimi said...

This is sooooo amazing! I think that it is important for children of all ages to read. As of now, I am reading that book that April gave me....its great! I love it. but Nice to know that you are learning where things are. I get lost taking the bus from East to the mall....but yeah I see you Roughing it miss thang! Keep up the good work. And Dr.Fitz does pop into my mind at times. Funny ey?